The digital landscape for physical activity is the most complex it’s ever been.
active//choice exists to help you to make the best digital choices for physical activity for your organisation.
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What is active//choice

Whether you’re a public health organisation researching the best behaviour change tools to encourage an active lifestyle, a corporate looking for the right solution for your employee’s wellbeing, or a local authority working out how to maximise use of facilities, we’re here to help you in your decision making.

Simply put, active//choice was built because we believe in the power of choice. Every day opportunities to make the best digital choice are missed because organisations need more information about the options that exist. They need to be able to educate themselves about what to look for, what questions to be asking, and to gain an understanding of what's around the corner.

This site exists in order to give you the power to make the best digital choices for physical activity: an active//choice.

“The physical activity landscape has become a truly entrepreneurial space, which for the consumer is fantastic news. Unfortunately for providers and commissioners, such as us in Public Health, it makes it extremely hard to find the most relevant product. Having a resource like active//choice helps us shape decision making and provides a vital market research tool”
Tim Howells, Public Health Programme Officer, Physical Activity & Obesity, Slough Borough Council

How it works

active//choice is a free service that contains information about companies, services and products that either directly or indirectly help to increase levels of physical activity.

These products are listed below in The Directory. Each company categorises their products by attributing each with a specific value propositions. Each product can only have one principal value proposition, which is highlighted on the product tiles. This is an important aspect of active//choice - by encouraging companies to think hard about how they categorise their products, we believe it will make it easier for organisations to explore the different options available.

You can use The Directory below to browse the products, or you can browse by using the Category navigation link at the top of the page. There's also the video series to help you learn about technology and data in our sector, from first principles, if this is all new to you.

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If you believe your product is the best on the market, then this is the place for you.

By placing your product in active//choice, you demonstrate that you welcome the chance for it to be compared with other products on the market. This service is used by public and private bodies every day to explore what digital tools are out there to help them make an active//choice about who is best positioned to help them reach their physical activity related goals.

If you're not part of an active//choice, you're missing out on opportunities for new customers, partnerships and collaborations every day. Also, it's free to list your products. And yes, free means free - no referral fees, introductory fees, success fees, or any other fee classification you can conjure up. Get involved today.

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