We're an activity hosting, matching & peer-to-peer payments platform with embedded social discovery.
Best known for:
Activity Search and Booking
Also known for:
Session Management & Booking System

What we help to solve

We solve two essential problems:

  • ‍Leisure professionals are able to manage their activities cheaply, easily and simply
  • People can discover and enjoy new leisure activities with like minded individuals

How we solve it

People looking for activities can actively search but also have suggestions made automatically based on their interests and their friends and contacts interests. It can be be more fun doing an activity with someone you already know!

Once an activity has been published HulaHub automates taking payment, change of time / venue, cancellations, promotion of that activity and social sharing so leisure professionals can spend more time doing the job they love and less on boring admin.

What we offer is a fully responsive web app that works on desktop and mobile to allow busy leisure professionals to manage their activities, calendar, payments etc. and allows people to find activities that might interest then

What we're looking for

We’re interested in distributing activities for organisations, helping them to become more efficient and encouraging more people to engage with the leisure sector.

Who is this product aimed at?

Leisure activity providers and leisure activity seekers!

Data we use

The product uses people’s provided interest data to automatically recommend activities that could be of interest to them.

We also integrate with the imin platform to access open opportunity data to ensure we have a broad range of physical activities for our users to search through.

Data we create

The booking details data is private between the activity provider and joiner. Other data can be selected to be made public or private on an individual basis (e.g. gender)

Who we work with

We work with personal trainers, golf clubs, pilates instructors, circus skills teaches, sailing teachers etc. etc. …. The list is very long! Basically any leisure provider or seeker!

Plays well with

As we’re a fully integrated platform we’ve done most of the hard integration work already on allowing a seamless discovery, booking and payment experience.

Why you should work with us

We’re fast, keen and 100% focussed on widening the access to leisure activities in the UK.

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HulaHub's mission is to become the leading, global digital marketplace for sports & leisure bookings, by providing the most effective marketing and administrative tools for activity hosts, and by enabling, inspiring and motivating every member to make full use of their leisure time.

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