Sportywe is a mobile application that connects the users with sports activities.
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Activity Search and Booking
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Open Data

What we help to solve

It is challenging to look for like-minded people and groups for sport activities. Furthermore, it is difficult to know what sport activities and events are happening in the destination you are travelling to.

How we solve it

Sportywe enables users to find similar level and like-minded people and groups to do sports with on the go.

What we offer

Users can simply just browse the Sportywe Hub to find out if others are already looking for the same activity than they are, and if not, they can post their need or activity themselves.

CONNECT - Sportywe connects like-minded people for sport activities. Users can simply just browse the Sportywe Hub to find out if others are already looking for the same activity than they are, and if not, they can post their need or activity themselves

EXPLORE - users can browse the Sportywe Map in order to find all the sports events around them, or in the destination they might be traveling to. This content is either user created or made available via API integrations from third party service provides (eg. TicketMaster, Meetup and Facebook sports events)

ENGAGE - users can engage in the game and have on-time connections with their team for sport activities by our Group Chat. Users create and organize their own activity on the go.

Who is this product aimed at?

Sport data providers, Sport organizations, federations and clubs, sport manufacturers, leisure providers, sport brands

What we're looking for

We look for strategic partnerships to provide content for the users and help our product become more commercialized

Data we use

Personal users’ data.

Data provided by third party partners: our platform can integrate with any API source (eg. imin, cities’ data, NFIF)

We integrate the data from the partner API and show case in our platform in order to provide feasible content to users. These data provide relevant content and create value to users.

Data we create

Our product creates data from users’ inputs, for example sport interests, activities, sport level, personal growth. Etc. We also acquire event data from users’ events as our own API.

Data goes to our database, and its owned by us.

Organizations can access to it through data integration in the back-end.

Who we work with

We have already signed partnerships in Finland, Norway, UK, and southern China and just uploaded Sportywe version 2.0 to the AppStore for iOS. We launched our previous version last year for testing in Finland in collaboration with sports federations and the Finnish Olympic Committee and gathered excellent feedback. We're beginning a pilot for the Norwegian Olympic Committee (NIF) with the NFIF (Norges Friidrettsforbund) and launching the application in Norway in collaboration with them later this summer. In the UK, we have a partnership agreement with imin, which is a company that provides availability data for sports sessions around the country (80,000+ sessions per week). We're far in the process of setting up a company in Shenzhen, China with well-connected local operative partners, as well as a marketing partnership with a local gym chain.

Plays well with

We integrate with partners and work with them closely to provide mutual value.

We can exchange data and place other companies data in our platform. For example, one of our strategic partner is, they provide us their events to showcase in our platform, in return, they get to more viral mobile-based users since they do not have a mobile platform.

Why you should work with us

We are your strategic partner, we can showcase your data to our users through our user-friendly platform. We want to win the international sport mobile marketplace. Consequently, partner up with you is our strategy to expand the product to as many geographical regions and reach as many users as possible. We have a very good market place technology and a strong team behind it to make it happen. The product is fully scalable for international growth.

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We help communities become more physically active and provide people/ organizations with opportunities through sports.

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