We help communities become more physically active and provide people/ organizations with opportunities through sports.


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Sportywe is a mobile application that connects the users with sports activities, whether you want to find someone to learn tennis with, need more players for your beach volleyball match or need to find a yoga instructor in your area. We want to help our users to be more physically active and provide them with the possibility to find the like-minded people to do sports with, no matter where they are.

Users can simply just browse the Sportywe Hub to find out if others are already looking for the same activity than they are, and if not, they can post their need or activity themselves. Additionally, users can browse the Sportywe Map in order to find all the sports events around them, or in the destination they might be traveling to. This content is either user created or made available via API integrations from third party service provides (eg. TicketMaster, Meetup and Facebook sports events)

We have already signed partnerships in Finland, Norway, UK, and southern China and just uploaded Sportywe version 2.0 to the AppStore for iOS. We launched our previous version last year for testing in Finland in collaboration with sports federations and the Finnish Olympic Committee and gathered excellent feedback. We're beginning a pilot for the Norwegian Olympic Committee (NIF) with the NFIF (Norges Friidrettsforbund) and launching the application in Norway in collaboration with them later this summer. In the UK, we have a partnership agreement with imin, which is a company that provides availability data for sports sessions around the country (80,000+ sessions per week). We're far in the process of setting up a company in Shenzhen, China with well-connected local operative partners, as well as a marketing partnership with a local gym chain.

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