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For Profit

Proactive supporter of OpenActive.
Directly using, or helping others to use, open opportunity data.
Actively working to create more open opportunity data.

Playwaze is about participation in sport. Using modern, mobile technology, we make it easier for anyone to organise any type of sports activity and we make it easier for participants to find, join, and engage in activities.

Playwaze offers both an “off the peg” app and a platform on which any type of white labelled sports application can be deployed. So, if you’re a tennis coach wanting to publish some classes to your website and promote them through OpenActive, you can do that on Playwaze. If you’re a hockey club wanting to run your leagues and tournaments, you can do that on Playwaze. And, if you’re a sports organisation wanting to promote sport in your sector, gain insight into participation, and support your grassroots communities, you can do that on Playwaze.


Our diverse range of sports communities include social groups, clubs, associations, universities, coaching groups, and National Governing Bodies running all sorts of activities – sessions, classes, teams, leagues, tournaments, progress pathways, and much more.

At Playwaze we understand the landscape of sport so our platform connects with other systems to help you leverage more from your Playwaze app. We integrate with CRM systems, automatically publish content to websites, and deliver open session data seamlessly through OpenActive. It’s about opening up sport, making it easier to organise, and getting people more active.

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