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SportStarta creates websites that combine elements of social networking with geo-location allowing users to organise and find sports and activities in their local area. This includes both free games in public spaces or at paid-for facilities. Activity organisers, who may be private users, sports associations, or clubs set the sport, time, location and standard. Participants may accept invitations to games that have been created by friends, coaches or organisations they follow (and subsequently invite their friends) and can also join ‘open’ games in their area. Games are then filled on a first-come, first-served basis. At grassroots, Sports Associations can build networks of players, identify and target areas of high or low participation and encourage enthusiastic participants to look out for the next event or arrange their own. SportStarta enables convenient, social sports, where and when users want them. Each user adds their friends and develops their networks to create a unique and tailored experience, thus SportStarta’s potential is limitless and can be tailored to any market group: young, old, beginners and pros.

SportStarta’s goal is simple: more people playing and enjoying the benefits of sport, thereby improving their health, fitness and happiness.  We do this by removing organisational and cost barriers, adding flexibility and a social element. SportStarta allows individuals, teams, clubs and businesses to connect easily, ensure there are enough players by crowdsourcing through the wider network, arrange games at existing local free spaces and paid facilities, and spread any costs across players.

Swimming, jogging and gym use are on the rise due to the flexibility in when they can be done. SportStarta aims to bring this individualisation to more sociable group activities, enabling ad hoc joining for those who cannot make regular commitments. For individual activities we aim to encourage people to do these with others thus increasing enjoyment, motivation and sustainability. As individuals grow their networks there will be ongoing social prompts to get active as new invites are received. Ultimately we hope that a habitual process of checking for and arranging sporting activities can become the norm, just as people check their Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.

Our product is reliant on user density and opportunity density over objective numbers. As such we have chosen to focus on producing unique white label solutions for specific boroughs or interest groups. Integration of open data allows us to produce unique products that provide value from day one.

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