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SportStarta’s goal is simple: more people playing and enjoying the benefits of sport, thereby improving their health, fitness and happiness.  We do this by removing organisational and cost barriers, adding flexibility and a social element. SportStarta allows individuals, teams, clubs and businesses to connect easily, ensure there are enough players by crowdsourcing through the wider network, arrange games at existing local free spaces and paid facilities, and spread any costs across players.

What we help to solve

Organisational barriers to playing team sports, both at a personal and enterprise level.

How we solve it

SportStarta creates websites that combine elements of social networking with geo-location allowing users to organise and find sports and activities in their local area. This includes both free games in public spaces or at paid-for facilities. Activity organisers, who may be private users, sports associations, or clubs set the sport, time, location and standard. Participants may accept invitations to games that have been created by friends, coaches or organisations they follow (and subsequently invite their friends) and can also join ‘open’ games in their area. Games are then filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

What we offer

We have our own user-facing website for sports players and organisers to connect. We also offer a white-labelling service for companies, councils and sporting organisations to co-ordinate games and players.

Who is this product aimed at?

Local Authorities, Leisure Providers, County Sports Partnerships, sports Startups. We are interested in speaking to anyone who wants to organise group sports, paid for or otherwise.

What we're looking for

We are looking for partnership opportunities with companies, councils and sports organisations to help them build their next generation of CRM software. We understand the importance of attribution and accountability and have built this functionality into our back end.

Data we use

Personal data, event location data, games-played data, player data. We currently do hold PII data but are re-addressing this to comply with upcoming legislation such as GDPR.

Data we create

Connections between game organisers and game players.

Who we work with

London FA, Lewisham Council.

Plays well with

We integrate with the imin Physical Activity Availability API.

We do not currently integrate with other platforms, other than imin. We will integrate with more ASAP as per demand.

Why you should work with us

We are a young startup and totally flexible to partnership opportunities. We have a sustainable business model and appetite for innovation that allows us to build with partners. In time we hope partners will build on top of our tech.

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