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Physical activity booking web app.
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Activity Search and Booking
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Participation Data

What we help to solve

People don’t have a trusted place in which they can find local opportunities to be more active. They find it hard to discover activities which suit their needs in a modern, time-efficient way. They want to be able to find a suitable activity easily online, in the same way they can find suitable flights, hotels, taxi’s, food etc in just a few clicks and in one place.

How we solve it

Our Activity Finder makes finding suitable physical activity easy. By powering our tools with open data, users are able to see the most up to date information about local activities in a way which they have become accustomed to - online. Our interface is simple and intuitive, making the user journey from ‘interested’ to ‘active’ as easy as possible. We love working collaboratively with partner organisations from design through to delivery, which ensures that the vision of the partner organisation always comes to life.

What we offer

Easy to use, customisable products which helps to get your audience more active.

Discovery > Booking > Active

Our Activity Finders are branded so that they fit seamlessly within your website and help activity seeking users through the following features.

Simple discovery.

  • Activity Map and showing users what is happening around them

Search filters.

  • Activity type
  • Date and time
  • Location/Distance
  • Cost

Session booking function

  • Provider information provided for easy booking
  • Direct booking within the Finder (optional and with participating providers)


  • imin Activity Search API
  • Citymapper/Google API

What we're looking for

We are looking to partner with forward thinking organisations, who want to increase participation in physical activity to their audience. We want to collaborate with innovative partners who want to help usher in a new way of discovering physical activity online and who understand the benefits of using technology to get more people active.

Data we use

We will use open opportunity data provided via an imin API to access information about the sessions such as location, opening times, availability and other relevant information to help users make the right decisions.

Data we create

Our products have in built analytics tracking which we share with our partner organisation so that they can understand key information (users, demographics, behaviour, activity supply etc) to help inform wider strategy.

Who we work with

We have created Activity Finders for both public and private organisations including Public Health England, Bristol City Council and The London Borough of Hounslow.

Plays well with

We integrate with the imin Physical Activity Availability API

Our Activity Finders fit seamlessly within any website in just a few lines of code.

Why you should work with us

We have experience working closely with great organisations throughout the development of our Activity Finders, meaning we understand what products our partners really want in order to engage their audiences into becoming more active.

We enjoy hearing great ideas from our partners when developing our products, as they understand their audience better than anyone

Our core technology has been developed, tested and used in live environments, we are able to create something which can be delivered quickly  (1-3 weeks depending on level of customisation)

We love making our products evolve over time and are a dynamic team which delivers great looking, functional products and always want to over-deliver because we really care.

If you have any other ideas in mind for digital products which aim to get people more active, we would love to hear them and see whether we can help make those ideas come to life.

We have a flexible payment model to help meet your budget.

Please contact us on the following details :) / 07930917704

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