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What we help to solve

Many organisations, clubs, and coaches want to help increase participation by publishing open activity data. However, it can be costly and complex to build your own open data Activity Finder.

How we solve it

Playwaze partners with imin to deliver an open data Activity Finder blended in to your website through a simple "drop in" widget.

What we offer

The quickest and easiest way to publish open activity data - any way you want.

You tell us what sector you are wanting to publish open data for e.g. particular sports, specific providers, or a geographical area. We’ll get the data for that. Then tell us how you’d like your Activity Finder branded and formatted. We can usually get most of that from your website.

Then, we’ll provide you with an iframe or widget to drop into your website which will automatically enable your Activity Finder with those activities automatically published.

Real time sports activities published from multiple sources straight to your website with online booking and payment.

Publish bookable activities anywhere

You can publish combined activity data to your organisation's Activity Finder using the Playwaze-imin widget, while individual clubs and coaches can publish their own activity data to their own websites straight from the Playwaze app.

Why is Playwaze different?

As well as publishing open data we also want to help generate it. The more we can help people to organise sports activities and promote them, the more content will appear in your Activity Finder, and the more people we’ll get active. So Playwaze gives sports communities in your area the opportunity to create open data too. Any sports club, coach, or group can use Playwaze on the web or app to organise sessions, manage communications, and accept online payments. With one button tap they can also publish their sessions straight to your Activity Finder. If you want to control who can publish activities to your Activity Finder we can also provide you with an Approvals dashboard. 

Either use the Playwaze app or we can white label a version for you. Anyone can use the app to create public sports activities and anyone can use it to find them, book them, and pay for them.

Simply priced

We can provide your OpenActive solution for a simple, low cost annual license fee.

Who is this product aimed at?

Playwaze is a flexible multi sport platform and can be used in many different contexts, ranging from clubs and groups to Local Authorities and County Sports Partnerships. If you’re interested in helping grassroots sport, promoting sport, understanding sports behaviour, or increasing memberships then Playwaze can help you.

What we're looking for

Primarily we’re looking to work with organisations who have an interest in increasing sports participation.

Data we use

Playwaze OpenActive uses open data from imin. This allows you to publish activities from any sources you choose e.g. specific sports providers, location zones, sport types etc. You choose and we’ll publish.

Data we create

Playwaze produces activity data – who played what, where, and when. This data can be shared, by arrangement with relevant sports organisations e.g. National Governing Bodies and County Sports Partnerships to help them better understand sporting activity in their sector.

Playwaze also produces session data and competition data which can be shared through OpenActive to public or private websites. Community administrators control how they share this data.

Who we work with

Currently, Playwaze is used by sports associations, clubs and groups across the country. We also provide white labelled solutions to organisations, including Active Westminster, Parkour UK and England Touch. Some of our testimonials can be seen here.

Plays well with

Playwaze integrates with CRM and membership systems. The app is a great way to connect organisations with their members and non member participants alike. It can help them build up rich activity profiles by sending participation data back to your CRM system, or it can help you promote membership to your organisation straight through the app. Integration turns the reach of the app into tangible benefits for sports organisations.

Playwaze integrates with CRM and membership systems providing valuable insight data via systems like Microsoft Dynamics, InfusionSoft and Sport80.

We also partner with imin to deliver rich open data through our white labelled solutions.

Why you should work with us

At Playwaze we understand sport and technology. We believe that the smartphone offers the most powerful platform through which to drive sports participation. Combine that with open data and you have a framework for achieving real growth in the number of people getting more active. Playwaze isn’t just about getting people active – it’s about keeping them active too.

We’ve built a powerful and flexible platform that enables sports providers and other organisations to quickly leverage the benefits of mobile technology and open data without all the effort and expense of building complex systems themselves.

Put simply, if you’re looking for a modern, accessible solution that fits your requirements around sports participation then you should look at a Playwaze solution. There will be one for you.

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