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What we help to solve

The process of finding and booking sports facilities can be time consuming and frustrating for players. Sports players and teams do not have easy access to relevant, up to date information to make an informed decision when booking the sports facilities. Slow responses and unanswered enquiries often results in booking abandonment, less sport played and under utilised sports facilities.

Conversely, sports venues often do not have the resources to implement secure technology or conduct extensive digital marketing campaigns to reach new players. The sports industry hasn’t kept up with other on-demand economies (accommodation, travel, dining, retail) meaning that the public aren’t aware of how quickly and easy it can be to get involved in sport, nor do they know exactly what facilities are nearby.

How we solve it

MyLocalPitch is easlily integrated into leisure operators, local authorities, schools and community organisations providing an efficient way to promote sports facilities to a wider audience and boost physical activity.

MyLocalPitch also offers a full bookings management and marketing service on behalf of sports venues, providing a professional, cost-effective way to streamline the management of sports bookings, whilst increasing revenues.

By using MyLocalPitch’s search portal and custom filters, sports players are presented with an easy way to identify and book their nearest and most suitable sports facilities, all on one platform. By displaying the availability of facilities in real-time, as well as facilitating booking and payment in one-click, MLP will reduce booking abandonment and promote participation in both casual and organised sport.

What we offer

MyLocalPitch is proud to have been voted the number 1 iOS App of 2017 by the Daily Mirror.

Features for players:

  • Find local sports facilities
  • View facility availability in real-time
  • Book and pay instantly
  • Industry first ‘Search by time’
  • Mobile app encourages recurring sessions on the move
  • Simple, easy to use design

For facility operators:

  • Increase the online visibility of sports facilities
  • Online booking calendars on the UK’s leading sports booking portal
  • Instant access to MyLocalPitch’s community of active sports players
  • ‍Promotion of empty slots to increase utilisation & maximise revenue
  • Digital marketing & social media strategy implemented and run
  • No setup fees, no additional workload for staff
  • Fully outsourced bookings management service available

Feature in MyLocalPitch Search Results:

Launch Online Booking Calendars:

Digital Marketing Services:

What we're looking for

MyLocalPitch works with sports facility operators to digitalise their sports offering, facilitating the transition to online bookings. By utilising MyLocalPitch’s technology, Operators are able to create a better user journey for customers and increase booking conversion rates. MyLocalPitch acts as an extra team member, providing all of the technology, marketing and contact centre expertise, allowing us to promote and re-sell sports facilities on your behalf.

MyLocalPitch are looking to establish relationships and partner with all types of operators such as local authorities, schools, trusts, leisure providers etc. who are interested in modernising their sports offering.

Who is this product aimed at?

All organisations that own or manage sports facilities, including:

  • Local Authorities
  • Leisure Providers
  • CSPs
  • Sport Trusts
  • Independent Sports Venues
  • Schools

Data we use

MyLocalPitch uses the availability data provided to us directly from operators and softwares such as Legend, Gladstone and XN Leisure, as well as data from Openactive and imin, to publish and promote information about sports facilities - including location, opening hours, real-time availability and a booking and payment API to allow seemless booking and payment online.

Data we create

MyLocalPitch creates participation data & player behaviour reports, including demand heatmaps, participation frequency, value of sports sessions, preferred sport formats etc. Utilising our data analytics tools, MyLocalPitch are then able to share valuable data reports to partners, helping them to create strategies and implement solutions to increase sports participation.

Under the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR), both MyLocalPitch and the Client act as the Data Controller, and MyLocalPitch also acts as a Data Processor. No data is shared with third parties.

Who we work with

MyLocalPitch work with sports venue operators of all sizes, including; Councils, Multi-Venue Leisure Centres, Independent Sports Venues, Schools, Academies and Trusts

Plays well with

MyLocalPitch is software agnostic by design, which allows us to integrate with all types of booking software. Our in-house developer team have a proven track record in performing successful integrations with all leading software providers. MyLocalPitch are therefore able to simplify the user booking journey and increase the revenue generated from sports facilities, without creating any additional work for our partners. If a venue has already opened their data through OpenActive facility bookings data can be published on the MyLocalPitch platform.

Why you should work with us

MyLocalPitch is able to digitalise your organisation’s sports booking offering within 4 weeks. MLP have a proven track record in working alongside the UK’s leading sports operators, facilitating online bookings, increasing exposure through digital marketing channels & increasing bookings revenues. Our in-house developers specialise in software integrations, ensuring that functionality meets your requirements, providing a seamless booking experience with no additional workload for on-site staff. MyLocalPitch are fully GDPR compliant and in the process of qualifying for the highest level of GDPR certification.

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MyLocalPitch is the UK’s leading search and booking portal for sports facilities, and enables venue Operators to manage their bookings and maximise exposure

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