We believe in the power of an active//choice

We built this site because we believe in the power of choice. 

Organisations are being robbed of the chance to make well-informed decisions in digital simply because they need an opportunity to find out more information about the market and the product choices available to them. Having that information readily accessible, and in a useful format, will significantly improve the way we do business when it comes to digital products in the physical activity sector. 

It's also a chance to level the playing field - every year, there's a huge number of innovative products created by both startups and established companies in this sector that never see the light of day because they can't get the visibility they deserve. active//choice addresses that by putting all products, old and new, big and small, side by side on equal footing - so only the best products stand out from the crowd, not the ones with the biggest marketing budgets.

We will:

  • Never charge companies to add their products to active//choice
  • Never allow a company to pay for greater exposure
  • Never show bias towards a particular company, product or service
  • Urge companies to be as transparent as possible about what their products can and can't do
  • Open up the data on this site so others can create other products or services as they see fit

Just in case you were wondering - this site is meant to complement G-Cloud. G-Cloud certainly serves a need - and serves it very well - but we need more than G-Cloud in order to make sure the best physical activity technology reaches those who are seeking it; those who who are facing that first barrier of "I don't know what I don't know". 

As with everything we do at imin, we're doing this openly because we believe it needs to be done to raise the level of the sector as a whole. The sector faces challenges that are too big for one company to take on alone. It’s going to involve everyone, so we’re happy to put in the effort to kick start the revolution.

We're here to help.

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