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Think about how easy it is to book a hotel, cinema tickets, a table at a restaurant and order a taxi but how complex it is to book into your community sports club. gives local activity providers the same great online functionality as big gyms, and reduces administration effort:

  • List sessions
  • Take card payments
  • Show on your site

Makesweat started at a London community sports club, and we’re here to help your club succeed. We provide a calendar for you to list your sessions, and a full payment system – you just need a bank account. Whether starting from your website, Facebook Page or just on Makesweat, your users will find it easy to book and pay. Online booking leads to greater attendance, better use of facilities and no lost income; and it’s the same price as Paypal with no monthly fee. Makesweat are working with London Sport to publish all your Makesweat sessions on the Get Active London website, giving your club greater reach.

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