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Find a Player is an smartphone app which makes it easier to organise, find and play sport.


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Find a Player is a smartphone app that makes it easier for people to organise, find and play sports in their local area.

Our aim is to be the go-to destination for people looking to find new games, try out new sports or find others to play with. Ultimately we want connect people’s sports networks in the same way as Facebook connects their social ones. Since launch in Jan 2016 we’ve had more than 75,000 events created on our platform by users  (making us the UK’s largest sports participation network) with a cancellation rate running at under a 10th of a percent.

Our app covers over 140 different sports and has 2 core functions.

1. Acting as a hub between sports players and games on a local basis.

2. Simplifying all elements of the game organisation process.

We believe the difference in our product compared to other similar products is in the delivery.

We offer a map based experience where users can quickly browse what’s around them or if they’re looking for something in a specific sport or on a specific date we can do provide that too.For organisers we help them with all the aspects of game administration and provide instant solutions to their problems.

Today’s consumers demand a user experience on a par with the likes of Facebook, Airbnb and Uber -a few taps to find what you need -with results all delivered instantly in app. Through continual product refinement and learning based iteration we believe our product is  now very close to that level and our next aim is to start delivering scale. In May 2017 the belief we have in our product was massively validated when we beat a host of global brands (including Arsenal, the German FA and the New York Marathon) to win ‘Best App’ at the Sports Technology Awards. A pretty big coup for a startup with limited resources.

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