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What we help to solve

Bookwhen is the most efficient software to organise your classes, courses, workshops and events. Our ambition is to empower your business to thrive and grow. For many fitness and health businesses, the process for taking online bookings is central to their ability to run and grow their business. A good booking system is an essential step towards building a thriving fitness business.

How we solve it

Bookwhen is the most efficient way to organise your classes, courses, workshops and events online. Bookwhen is flexible and offers a range of features, so you can adapt your account to your needs. Take a look at the many features

A good online booking system will solve numerous problems in the daily running of your business: shuffle bookings around, change of venue or date, no risk of overbooking, reduce phone and e-mail workload, customers are able to book at any time, improve cashflow, provide your customers with a professional service. These are only a few examples of how Bookwhen can improve your workflow.

What we offer

Whatever your activity, bookwhen makes booking simple. The online booking system for classes, courses, workshops and events.

Bookwhen provides a great service at a great cost: easy to use, robust, secure, and flexible. Bookwhen will simplify your life by increasing your productivity, and improving your customer relations. All with friendly, responsive customer support.

What we're looking for

Our customers will benefit from making their data publically available through OpenActive.

Bookwhen is perfectly suited to the health and fitness industry.

Who is this product aimed at?

Any organisation that requires an online booking system for ongoing, recurring, or large one-off events.

Data we use

Account owners input their event information onto Bookwhen – at minimum this includes date, time and event title. But this can also include event description, cost, ticket types etc.

Account owners can determine what data is collected from their attendees using the customised booking form. At minimum an email address is required of the booker.

Data we create

Each account on Bookwhen creates data on their attendees (event history and responses to booking form questions) and this data is stored on Bookwhen’s database. Bookwhen is responsible for the security and storage of this data, which it does not share with third parties.

Bookwhen also holds information on each accounts scheduled event information (e.g. class times, information, prices etc.). If an account owner opts-in, then this information is shared through the OpenActive API.

Who we work with

Our customers range from large organisations (NHS, Unilever, Sellafield Ltd, Barnardo's, Uber, University of Oxford), to solo-entrepreneurs. We support a diverse range of users – from corporate training to fitness & wellbeing and from children’s activities to arts & crafts.

You guys have made a massive impact to my small business and what I can offer!

Brad - Southend Parkour

Bookwhen has enabled our business to grow and provide our clients with a one stop shop for their learning and development needs... we couldn’t function without it.

Justin - MD at Ted Learning

It made my life a million times easier with booking and payment. I couldn't recommend it enough!

Nicki - Phoenix Fitness

Plays well with

We integrate with a range of payment gateways: - Stripe, PayPal, Worldpay and Adelante. We also currently share our user’s activity data through the OpenActive initiative. Finally, for custom integrations we have an API -

Why you should work with us

Bookwhen provides a simple and flexible solution to scheduling events with tailored (and human!) support to get you up and running in minutes. Working with thousands of businesses over the last eight years, we’ve built a system that accomodates the diversity of needs from our wide user base.

Whether you’re organising a one off event/conference, scheduling recurring classes or organising termly courses, Bookwhen can support your needs. Our transparent and flexible flat monthly subscription rates scale for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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Bookwhen is an online booking system with the ambition to empower small and medium businesses to thrive and grow.

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